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The 5 best Thai porn stars of all time

Making a list of the best Thai porn stars of all time isn’t the hardest thing even if my dick does wiggle at the thought of some of these babes. Although Thailand is world famous as a

How Thai whores survived the lockdown

You’ve heard it all before. In fact you’re actually living through it yourself. We’ve reached a point in history where the great depression meets the Spanish Flu and everything turns to shit. Well not everything, but a

How to tell if your Thai girlfriend is a whore

I have found that a lot of guys are in relationships with Thai whores without even knowing it. Sure there are the guys who willingly shack up with bar girls. But I am not talking about them.

I fucked your Thai girlfriend

I’ve got bad news for a couple of guys in America and Europe who send money to Thai chicks every month: I fucked your girlfriend. Please believe me when I say that it wasn’t something I went

A crazy Thai chick reminded me why I pay for sex

A crazy twenty one year old Thai chick reminded why I pay for sex. She did that by almost forcing her pussy onto my cock. Today I’ll tell you how it all went down. Hopefully you’ll see

Go go bars are a rip off

For the most part, go go bars are a rip off. You end up spending way more money than you should. And in most cases you end up with a mediocre experience at best. I speak from

The price of a handjob in Asia

How much does a handjob cost in Asia? That’s almost like asking, “how tall is a tree?” It really depends on where you get a handjob and who gives it to you. But I’ve spent enough time

Don’t trust STD tests in Thailand

It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people want to know about STD testing in Thailand. A lot of guys with websites promoting their wonderful lives in the land of smiles won’t tell you this, but