How and Where to Find Sex in Thailand Archive

Review of Spanky’s in Bangkok

The go go bars in Thailand are famous all around the world. Spanky’s is one of the most unique. Spanky’s is located inside of Nana Plaza. It’s on the second floor of the Plaza. There are a

Review of Billboard in Bangkok

Billboard is one of the biggest go go bars in Bangkok. Thai go go bars are pretty straightforward. Chicks dance on stage to make money. Most of them also have sex with customers for cash. It’s pretty

Review of Crazy House in Bangkok

Just writing a review of the Crazy House strip club in Bangkok gets me excited. The place is filled from wall to wall with hot naked Thai chicks. They aren’t just there to look at either. They

Review of Baccara in Bangkok

Baccara is one of the most famous and popular go go bars in Bangkok. At most go go bars in Thailand these days the dancers wear bikinis. But at bars like Baccara at least some of them

Review of Erotica in Bangkok

Erotica is by far one of the best go go bars in Bangkok and probably all of Thailand. That is really saying something considering this type of go go bar, or “agogo,” more or less originated in

Review of Suzie Wong in Bangkok

Suzie Wong’s is one of the most famous go go bars in Bangkok. I have only been there twice, but I am not sure why it is so well known. Maybe it was in a movie like

Review of Windmill in Pattaya

As I’ve explained time and time again, the adult entertainment in some other countries can really blow what they do in America out of the water. You might not think that would be the case, but it

Bangkok soapy massage in a nutshell

Bangkok soapy massage parlors are some of the biggest brothels in the entire world. The go go bars of Bangkok might be more numerous or well known to the average guy. But the big soapy massage parlors