Oppai pubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is home all kinds of weird and wild sex stuff. The Japanese AV movies featuring mass bukakke and gokkun is only the tip of the iceberg. There are stores filled with all kinds of sex toys,

Red light districts in Seoul

South Korea has a huge nightlife scene but you might not know it to look. Even Seoul looks a little sterile when you walk around on a winter afternoon. At night some places are totally dead too.

Freelance prostitutes in Phnom Penh

There are a lot of women on the job in Cambodia. The place has a bit of a bad reputation. Most of that seems outdated to me though. It’s like people who still imagine that New York

The 5 best go go bars in Angeles City

I have already taken the time to explain where the go go bars in Angeles City are and how they operate. Not much has happened since I wrote those words a year and a half ago. The

Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik FKK Sauna in Austria

There are a lot of FKK clubs in the European countries like Germany and Austria that are sane enough to realize that prostitution will exist whether or not it is officially permitted by the powers that be.

The 5 best go go bars in Manila

A while back I made a post explaining the ins and outs of the go go bars in Manila. There are small bars all over the city but a lot of them cater to local guys and

I took Levitra and got rock hard erections

Over a year ago I wrote about my attempt at taking Viagra. As I stated at the time it was a disaster that left me with nothing but a bloody nose and a bit of embarrassment. I

Is Venezuela the cheapest country in the world to buy sex?

What is the cheapest country in the world to buy sex? As I will show, it might be Venezuela. What makes the price of sex in one country cheaper than another? There are almost too many variables